Monday, June 27, 2011


ovo treba da bude opstepoznat materijal sakupljen sa CroRec box seta, selektovan od strane Gramofonija, a sad malo na engleskom za ove kojima je namenjeno.

Crveni Koralji

Back in the 60s the Beatles were not the most influential band in from Yugoslavia - it was rather the Shadows. Quickly the bands formed all over the country playing mostly the Shadows covers and such. Sometimes they would cover a traditional song or a jazz number. In most cases these songs were nothing short of brilliant! Luckily, a lot of it survived in form of reel-to-reel tapes and there is an amazing box set titled "Kad je rock bio mlad" on Croatia Records covering 60s stuff from all over former Yugoslavia - get it right now!

Zlatni Decaci

All of the songs HERE are taken from that box set, selected by myself. Rather than mix it up I just put everything in alphabetical order - shuffle is recommended!

Speaking of the Shadows earlier - they came and play a show or three in Yugoslavia, but it was with Cliff the Preacher Man, not the surf stuff. However, they covered Serbian WWI song "Mars na Drinu", which is kinda cool...

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